MOSFET unit with Active Breaking comparison

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MOSFET unit with Active Breaking comparison

Mensaje  Spectre el Sáb Sep 19, 2009 5:23 am

MOSFET unit with Active Breaking comparison

Comparacion de un gearbox sin breaking con uno con active breaking.

Vean como el piston reacciona al activar el active breaking.

Active braking has all the features of the standard MOSFET, with one additional feature: it prevents motor overspin. Normally, when you pull the trigger in your AEG, momentum causes your gears to turn a little after you let off the trigger. This means that your spring is partially compressed , even if you fire it a few times in semi-auto. Active braking takes this rotational energy and ‘burns it off’ in the form of heat. This benefits your gun by improving trigger response and feel. Your spring will also never remain partially compressed, taking that extra pressure off of your internals.


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